Summer is here! So it’s time for Summer Pudding.

Summer Pudding my favorite fruit.

Every time I make summer pudding I think to myself I should do this more often. As you’ll see from the photo’s the form is a traditional pudding bowl.
I always imagine that it would have been made from scraps of bread and the excesses of the summer fruit. The recipe is really easy, you prepare enough rind-less bread to fit around a pudding bowl, and another slice or two for the top and bottom.
The fruit is anything red, soft and cheap that’s available in the shops or better still in the veg plot or pick your own fruit farm. I normally like the mix of Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and red currants. To prepare the fruit, you add a couple of tablespoons into a pan with the freshly washed fruit, heat the fruit up so as to dissolve the sugar and form a fruit juice, but not so hot or long that it make the fruit turn to mush.
Now line the pudding bowl with bread, pour the fruit in up to the top and finally cover the top of the fruit with bread. Now leave the pudding to rest with a saucer and weights on top for as long as you can wait, the suggestion is overnight.
If you’ve been good you’ll save some of the remaining sauce from the cooking process to server on the side or as show over the top of the up turned pudding, and then serve with fresh cream, as after all you’ll probably only get around to doing it once in a year! Bon appetite.