Principles of small enterprise company structure growth.

As part of Michale E Gerber’s an ever popular book, The E-Myth Revisited. He explains how a part of every new businesses DNA should be a clearly written out set of overarching job descriptions. Where each of the main core business tasks is written up as a job description, each job has who they report to. Who they may have as staff etc. Even as the company is in it’s embryonic stage of say two people all the potential jobs are divided up, giving out ultimate responsibility to each party.

When the business metaphorically starts hitting the road.
Each of the job roles that is awarded should be given out with a clear job description. It should be clear that sales should be left to sell. Operations left to direct production. Finance should deal with the money. Human resources deal with personnel etc, and finally the Chief Executive Officer should ensure the company runs a straight course.

In every company human nature dictates that people will always do in a business what they most enjoy.
It is also obvious that if a legal representative would rather be entertaining clients than reading contracts. Issues will ensue, equally each employee (and everyone in a business is an employee!) needs to have a laser beam focus for maximising their area of the business.
As soon as the Finance director becomes the new business developer. You’ll find bookings clerks, invoicing, debt receivables, and accounts payable will all loose equal focus.

In summary for any successful business venture each employee needs to step up to the plate and perform with excellence their chosen job.