How to be successful in reaching a recruiting manager?

ATS and AI CV filtering and why you need to craft each CV for each job application.

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Have you ever wondered how recruiters select candidates from hundreds of CVs?

Or have you thought? I’m not getting any response to my CV that I paid to have created.

Here is what you can try searching for on the web. “CV/Resume Optimisation” and “recruiting ATS”. (Applicant Tracking System)

Most medium and large companies talent acquisition departments will be using automated/AI way of selecting the most appropriate CV.

Explained in it’s the simplest form. An ATS provides a read/no read indication to the recruiting manager.

The ATS process will compare the published job descriptions, to the content of the candidate’s CV, reducing hundreds of CV’s to a top 10 or less. is an excellent example of how the ATS filter process works.

Jobscan provide a demonstration of there software, currently with five free reviews of your CV comparing it to the job description you’d like to apply for.

Jobscan have also created an extensive resource, which explains the CV filtering process. I’ve found it can help demystify why your CV isn’t getting you the vital job interview. (

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