Writing with accuracy

Grammarly an every day writers tool

How many times do you read an e-mail you’ve just sent, and you spot a simple grammatical error? 

Okay, so maybe you’ve become used to being at work you use Microsoft Word to draft your documents, and you’re used to a background spell checker. And all is well with the world. 

Now you’re online and sending e-mails via a web browser and all of a sudden there’s no safety net, or do you read a past Linkedin message and think how did I write that?

Enter Grammarly; it’s an elegant program, that can sit as a plug-in on you’re favourite web browser. 

It has free offering very features rich, where it takes spell checking to the next level, advising on grammar, split into four areas, Correctness, Clarity, Engagement, and Delivery. 

Rather than gushing on how useful it is, go and have a look for yourselves. 


P.S would you think that I’d written 32k words last month and that my vocabulary is 93% than the average Grammarly users, how do you think you’d fare?