Wait! Did you ask yourself the right question?

This is the one question, you need to answer through out your CV?

I was once coached on creating a boastful, SMART CV/Resume; this was one tip that has remained from that session.

For each paragraph or sentence. They asked me? So what?

Did you ask yourself the right question?

This is a brutal way of clarifying by yourself. If what you’ve written conveys a lesson learnt? Does it show you added a skill or technique? Or materially did you improve the buisness due to your efforts?

Such a statement as this.

“I managed twenty staff, producing widgets for the aerospace industry.”

Would turn into

“As a new manager in XYZ Aerospace Ltd. I took an underperforming team of twenty staff, through Lean production training. In parrallel I helped the senior mangement team restructuring the incentive scheme. Through these changes I was able to increase the department’s widget production by 30% in six months.”


“As a carpenter, I build Welsh Dressers, Using only hand tools.”

Would turn into

“I’ve passed my City and Guilds exams to level 5 in Carpentry. Under the guidance of a master crafts man, I’m now a expert cabinetmaker. I’ve spent the past five years building full Welsh Dressers, using traditional handtool techniques.

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So. Did you ask yourself the right question?