Amazing. Is AI being used to write e-mail replies?

So what is this all about, Is AI being used to write e-mail replies?

Now we’ve all heard about AI, or Artificial Intelligence, and quite often this is a term used in marketing for well wrapped boolean logic.

There is a form of AI from a company called OpenAI that is creating a deep learning model, and thus a truly artificial intelligence.

Here is a link to an article to ZDnet for further reading on this is below. Today’s tip is for a product coming out of the research of OpenAI’s technology GPT-3.

The product is Magic E-mail. It is claimed to be able to help reply to an e-mail, looking at the context of the sending e-mail, and from a single line response that the user provides.

It will draft a full e-mail in reply. To find out more follow this link and get your self on the public beta program.

Magic e-mail

So you know if you follow my link, you’ll help me get higher up the public beta waiting list, so come on help a geek out, sign up to see how scary the future looks!

If you’re not so bothered if AI is being used to write e-mail replies in your e-mail perhaps you’d like to write yourself with greater accuracy using Grammarly