Philip Crewe

I was born in Nottingham in the same hospital as my elder sister. During my childhood we lived as a family in a market town to the East of Nottingham. After studying two years in a college in the city of Nottingham, I moved out of Nottinghamshire to do a two year course in Television Studio Systems Engineering in Bromley Kent.

In 1993 I started my first job in television post production sector based in Soho London, After a little over a year I took one of his formative life changing decision to live and work in Rome for an Arabic Satellite Television and Radio company, in total spending four years in Rome where I was lucky enough to meet my wonderful wife. Since leaving Rome in the early months of the year 2000 I’ve carried on with my professional career working in various roles with-in London Soho’s video and film Post Production community.
Since 2007 I’ve specialised in projects management, looking after the day to day logistics of multi-million pound integration schemes, where the general themes are bringing together a team of workflow owners, guiding them through a process of best practice for redesign and development. Followed by the physical design, contracting and building of systems and new building elements.
What makes me unique is my ability to put people at ease, working in an easy fuss free manner with a determination not to loose focus on the goals, and always producing the desired results given the correct resources to hand.            View Philip Crewe's LinkedIn profileView Philip Crewe’s profile

Now enjoy reading through some of my thoughts and passions.