What is the standard size of a film can?

I’ve recently been asked to look into the storage of archival film with in a part of the company, in doing so I’ve had to research the size of can’s so that the fit onto the racking that we’ll be providing, as a result I’ve found that film can’s come in a variety of sizes depending on the running time of the film being stored. Below is a table of standard film can sizes with the average run length of film that can be contained.

Type Size in mm Size in Inches Run length 35mm Run length 16mm
Circular mini 135 5”3/8 100ft
Circular small 185 7” 2/8 200ft 400ft
Circular medium 275 10”7/8 400ft 1200ft
Circular large 305 12” 1200ft 2000ft
Circular extra large 385 15” 2000ft

How deep and high should a step be?

In public spaces a step is a well-studied aid to change levels. Only if you encounter a step made without any thought or reference to the standards do you realise how uncomfortable life would be each time you needed to hop up or down a level. In the UK a step is described as part of the “The building Regulations” and the term used for compliance with disability law as being DDA (Disability Discrimination Act 1995)

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