Do you have a video screening interview?

What is the AI algorithm looking for apart from your answers?

The link below is a fascinating study by the Bavarian Broadcast company on just one AI video screening software platform.

The study results indicate that the infamous Zoom bookshelf may help increase your perceived Openness, Conscientiousness, and agreeability.

It may make the difference between a candidate interviewing with a plain white wall behind them.

The study looked at other strategies like hair coverings and increasing the candidates’ performance over and above what they say.

Take a look yourself at the Bavarian broadcasting website

How to Automate your dream job search?

This is a simple google search from any search box.

Using the keyword “jobs” in a phrase such as “Jobs Project Manager Devon” Which would list all project manager jobs listed publically, based in the Devon region.

To automate the search.
Select the blue arrow, with 100+ more jobs.

At the bottom of the next page there is a bluebell tab, which invites you to turn on New Job alerts for the job search made. (see the tips images for an example)

You can create as many searches from this page, turning on the alerts, from the article below the only major recruiting company that hasn’t allowed Google to scrap their announcements is Indeed.


This tip assumes you have an active google email account.

Writing with accuracy

Grammarly an every day writers tool

How many times do you read an e-mail you’ve just sent, and you spot a simple grammatical error? 

Okay, so maybe you’ve become used to being at work you use Microsoft Word to draft your documents, and you’re used to a background spell checker. And all is well with the world. 

Now you’re online and sending e-mails via a web browser and all of a sudden there’s no safety net, or do you read a past Linkedin message and think how did I write that?

Enter Grammarly; it’s an elegant program, that can sit as a plug-in on you’re favourite web browser. 

It has free offering very features rich, where it takes spell checking to the next level, advising on grammar, split into four areas, Correctness, Clarity, Engagement, and Delivery. 

Rather than gushing on how useful it is, go and have a look for yourselves. 


P.S would you think that I’d written 32k words last month and that my vocabulary is 93% than the average Grammarly users, how do you think you’d fare?

How much energy can I save by adding reflective film to my windows?

Today I’ve been asked if we take a floor of a high rise building, can we save money if we apply a UV and infrared reflecting film, only the windows that are south facing. (I.E In the northern hemisphere with the sun shining on the windows all day)

The answer is yes you can.

How much energy can be saved with window films

So if we apply a mirror finish film with metallic content or something more technologically advanced with ceramic layers how much would be saved. Continue reading