How to hold a purposeful meeting.

The purpose of a meeting is to gain results from a team of people that otherwise couldn’t be achieved without the meeting.  The meeting is not a form of productivity for business tasks it can provide direction in which to drive work tasks.

Here is my list of simple meeting rules.


Publish an agenda with the meeting requests, a meeting can be rejected or ignored unless an agenda is published.

The agenda needs to specify the order of the conversations in the meeting, the subjects, who owns them, and how long they are to be discussed.

Action points,

A meeting has to publish action points at the end of the meeting that need to be assigned to a person, with a finish date and delivery point. (this can include having another more restricted meeting with less staff later on!)


Publish results of the meeting. Minutes to the meeting should be published with in 24hrs day of the meeting. They should be short and concise with action points, who is taking them and when they should be delivered.

Meeting etiquette for attendees. Continue reading

How much soundproofing do I need for a room

I’ve recently been ask “Would you know what the Db level requirement would be for an edit room?

This question could equally be taken for a meeting room or an executive office.

Technically speaking we’d make a room perform to a written specification known as the Noise Criterion (NC) or Noise rating Curve (NR) This takes any subjectivity out of the final hand over of any room, as a proof of design can be made by a simple measurement of noise across a frequency range of 63Hz to 6.3KHz with-in the room.

In terms of a non critical listening edit room a NC value of between NC25 and NC30 is adequate quality, where there is a trade-off on cost of building works and the lower you go in NC curve level, pragmatically you’d always building something with as quiet as system as possible.

What is stopping me getting a perfectly quiet edit room?

For example if each room is going to have a local split A/C fan unit installed this item will affect the background noise level the most. (Typical indoor units run around 29/36dBA)  Continue reading

What is the standard size of a film can?

I’ve recently been asked to look into the storage of archival film with in a part of the company, in doing so I’ve had to research the size of can’s so that the fit onto the racking that we’ll be providing, as a result I’ve found that film can’s come in a variety of sizes depending on the running time of the film being stored. Below is a table of standard film can sizes with the average run length of film that can be contained.

Type Size in mm Size in Inches Run length 35mm Run length 16mm
Circular mini 135 5”3/8 100ft
Circular small 185 7” 2/8 200ft 400ft
Circular medium 275 10”7/8 400ft 1200ft
Circular large 305 12” 1200ft 2000ft
Circular extra large 385 15” 2000ft

How long should my showreel be?

No longer than 2 mins and your message to the potential employer needs to be made within the first 30 seconds.

So why is this?

I recently wrote on why a CV or Resume should be on one page, the core reason is the time it takes when part of a recruiting process is to review potentially hundreds of showreels, you need to make your statement simply and quickly where in many cases less is best.

7 Elements that make a great showreel

  1. It’s short, recommend 2 mins only
  2. The best bits are in the first 30 seconds
  3. The work is yours, show and identify your elements
  4. Make sure it is branded with your name, online presence and e-mail address
  5. Ensure you have the rights to republish the material you worked on Continue reading

How much energy can I save by adding reflective film to my windows?

Today I’ve been asked if we take a floor of a high rise building, can we save money if we apply a UV and infrared reflecting film, only the windows that are south facing. (I.E In the northern hemisphere with the sun shining on the windows all day)

The answer is yes you can.

How much energy can be saved with window films

So if we apply a mirror finish film with metallic content or something more technologically advanced with ceramic layers how much would be saved. Continue reading

Why must a CV be on one page?

When I’m coaching people especially around a career change the subject of the Resume or CV comes up often, and I always ask is your CV on one page?

The response is generally no. Sometimes I see a look that says, do you know who I am and all the things I’ve done? What most people are missing is the point that the CV is not trying to tell a detailed story of your business or vocational career, it is a targeted sales document that will enable you to get to an interview. It doesn’t get you the job itself, for that you need to sell yourself in person.

So why should I have a one page CV.
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Summer is here! So it’s time for Summer Pudding.

Summer Pudding my favorite fruit.

Every time I make summer pudding I think to myself I should do this more often. As you’ll see from the photo’s the form is a traditional pudding bowl.
I always imagine that it would have been made from scraps of bread and the excesses of the summer fruit. The recipe is really easy, you prepare enough rind-less bread to fit around a pudding bowl, and another slice or two for the top and bottom. Continue reading

How deep and high should a step be?

In public spaces a step is a well-studied aid to change levels. Only if you encounter a step made without any thought or reference to the standards do you realise how uncomfortable life would be each time you needed to hop up or down a level. In the UK a step is described as part of the “The building Regulations” and the term used for compliance with disability law as being DDA (Disability Discrimination Act 1995)

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