Podcast University

Philip’s Podcast University.

For nearly 10 years I’ve been educating myself during times of the day when others may choose to “zone out” consuming more conventional mass media.

Over these years of podcast listening, almost like the change in seasons, I’ve found my tastes and thus choices of internet radio programming that I elect to listen to have changed, and this is the beauty of providing your own programming schedule that is separate from a large corporate radio structure with set listening targets, or worse advertising markets.

Why Podcast University.

Maybe 6 years in to my listening to podcasts, which is full of serendipity where while listening to one persons opinions you often find that people who influence them are given as a suggestion for further listening or reading.

One of these such suggestions was a gentleman called Zig Ziglar, as with many suggestions it was not the first time I’d had this recommendation that I went to find his work, over the course of time, it seemed that I should read and eventually listen to his material  (See my books choices)

One of the many turns of phrase that Zig Ziglar often used was Automobile University, the action of listening to compact cassette tapes in the car. Now an outmoded way of saying listening to podcasts on the move. While coming from the UK Automobile doesn’t sound right or appealing as a modern turn of phrase, while the ideas of taking on a profound study in a niche area such as when in university greatly appeals to me.

My Podcast selections.

The premise of this posting was to provide some insight into podcasts that I’ve found have messages that resonate with me and the journey I’m on. The topics and subjects of each of the Podcasts maybe eclectic, maybe one day they’ll get grouped into specific order!

Social Triggers Insider – Derek Halpern (Podcast)

Sorry Derek, your high energy shouting in my ear style of presenting doesn’t endear me to your podcast, thus I have to be in the mood to listen to what you have to say, on the other hand the guests on your podcast are pretty amazing and mostly of the main stream of other “social media” podcasters interview list. Below are a couple of shows I’ve made mental notes on.


Timothy Wilson has authored a book on Behavioral change, where the conversation seemed most interesting into the psychology of change and advertising and negative publicity influencing sales in a positive way.

 http://socialtriggers.com/to-sell-is-human-dan-pink-podcast/ (Podcast)

I happen to have seen a presentation of Danial Pink at the Google complex near Old Street London, I really enjoyed his message, and have heard several podcast interviews, helping to promote his book “To Sell is Human” which I’ve read and enjoyed greatly


There is a theme growing here for podcast’s that strike a chord with me, this episode goes into the feelings of why we don’t like to buy items if they have a negative cogitation, more than this it explains why giving money in notes away is physiologically more difficult that using a credit card. Gulp.