Writing the Perfect CV

Customise your CV per job application with Rezi.io

The last time I mentioned Applicant Tracking Systems. ATS there was an acknowledgement that my network wasn’t fully aware of how they affected your job application process.

(see my last post here How to reach a recruiting manager )

Today’s tip is for a CV writing service, that isn’t based on personal opinion or concept of the “single best CV”.

Rezi.io is a bespoke CV writing service, that will help get your application in front of a human recruiter.

Rezi is a paid service that will speed up the process of crafting the CV to the desired job description.

Using this service will help you get to the next phase in the process, the Job interview.

There is a free preview available www.rezi.io

How many of you tried out my last tip Jobscan.co and found that the job description and company that you entered had a known ATS behind it?