How long should my showreel be?

No longer than 2 mins and your message to the potential employer needs to be made within the first 30 seconds.

So why is this?

I recently wrote on why a CV or Resume should be on one page, the core reason is the time it takes when part of a recruiting process is to review potentially hundreds of showreels, you need to make your statement simply and quickly where in many cases less is best.

7 Elements that make a great showreel

  1. It’s short, recommend 2 mins only
  2. The best bits are in the first 30 seconds
  3. The work is yours, show and identify your elements
  4. Make sure it is branded with your name, online presence and e-mail address
  5. Ensure you have the rights to republish the material you worked on Continue reading

Why must a CV be on one page?

When I’m coaching people especially around a career change the subject of the Resume or CV comes up often, and I always ask is your CV on one page?

The response is generally no. Sometimes I see a look that says, do you know who I am and all the things I’ve done? What most people are missing is the point that the CV is not trying to tell a detailed story of your business or vocational career, it is a targeted sales document that will enable you to get to an interview. It doesn’t get you the job itself, for that you need to sell yourself in person.

So why should I have a one page CV.
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