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How to retrieve your important data at all times

Over the years I’ve written copious notes in and on scrapbooks, diaries, computer journals, moles skins, black and red spiral bound books, electronic calendars, post-it notes. You name it I’ve written notes down on it. One year with the aim of having a credit card size almanac of useful stuff, I went to the extreme of printing an entire note book and address book in size 6 arial font that was only readable in the very best of light.

Now with the advent of Google and it’s Google DriveSyncplicity, Dropbox, Skydrive and many other web based cloud document repositories being available. The idea of having your handy work tools where ever you are is very appealing.

As my first job was repairing any of the hundreds of items of equipment that make a film and video editing house I always had a lot of new notes to record. As I progressed I would find that I need to record settings of equipment and the shortcuts that never seemed to be written down in the manuals. This has started a habit that I’ve still got today of noting down the little “Tips for the Top”, they are an excellent repository of making you shine when all around you are scratching there heads.

The following are based on these years of little nuggets of gold, or pearls of wisdom, while many are to be taken with large grains of salt when placed in practical engineering terms, hopeful they make some one smile when in need of an answer.


How much sound proofing should you add to a room.

Standard sizes for feature film cans

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